Vision for Cyprus - Lebanon

The main objective of the Cyprus-Lebanon Business Association is to assist, promote and strengthen business relations between the two countries.  It is therefore very important to create and maintain regular communication between the business people of the two countries and try with practical ways to bring together our members with the Lebanese business community so that they find common interest in establishing business relationships and opportunities and or ventures for their companies.

In order to achieve the above objective the following functions are suggested:

(a)  Prepare a web page of our Association giving its objectives and amongst other information provide the business profiles of each member.

(b)  Invite to Cyprus Lebanese industrial experts to make presentations on industrial and business projects which may interest our members.  Major business industries in Lebanon include:

  • Banking
  • Tourism
  • Food processing
  • Real estate
  • Jewellery
  • Cement
  • Textiles
  • Minerals and chemical products
  • Oil refinery
  • Metal fabricating

(c)  Invite experts on EU funds to provide information on possible EU funding for joint ventures between the EU member countries and the Middle East.  Cyprus may serve as a base for Lebanese industrial investors to export their products in the European market.

(d)  Arrange business trips of business people to and from Lebanon in order to promote and develop co-operation into successful business ventures.

(e) Communication, through the Lebanese Embassy with Lebanese Business Associations for joint seminars and functions.